John Oliver discussed Olympic doping scandals on Last Week Tonight.

By Extra Mustard
June 27, 2016

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Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver is FED UP with athletes’ drug scandals.

Oliver went in on Olympic doping in the latest episode of his show, which is internet-famous for its rants on current events. Oliver called out the Olympics for pushing inspirational ideals while many athletes are mired in doping scandals.

Here’s the all-encompassing quote from the segment:

“Think of doping as Vladimir Putin. It’s far from just a Russian problem, it’s something that effects the entire world,” Oliver said. “If we truly want to clean up sports, we should empower WADA by making it truly independent, and put pressure on the broader sports system to aggressively combat doping.”

You can watch the whole screed below


For more on Olympic doping, check out SI’s piece on the Russian track team.

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