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Jaromir Jagr knows that even photographers need lunch.

By Extra Mustard
June 28, 2016

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Jaromir Jagr is back in the Czech Republic for the NHL offseason, where the NHL legend is also one of the nations biggest stars, which unfortunately means he is the target of paparazzi.

On photographer had camped outside the winger’s home for quite a while when the Panthers’ star approached him while broadcasting the whole thing on Facebook Live before rewarding the paparazzo’s stick-to-itiveness with a sandwich, a banana and a Twix bar.

Warning: The video is in Czech so we have no idea if they are swearing

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Generally hockey players are not known for having such measured responses when they are bothered by someone, but this is just another of the long list of things that set the 44-year-old future Hall-of-Famer apart from his peers.

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