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Cubs offering deep dish hot dog pizza for a limited time

The Cubs are offering their fans a once in a lifetime culinary opportunity.

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The Cubs are offering their fans a once in a lifetime culinary opportunity by bringing together two of their hometown’s most iconic foodstuffs into one beautiful item with the limited-edition deep dish hot dog pizza, in honor of national hot dog month.

The “Chicago-Style Hot Dog Deep Dish Pizza” features Vienna Beef hot dogs baked into a Giordano’s Crust with cheese and Tomato sauce and finished with traditional hot dog toppings like tomatoes, onions, sport peppers and mustard.

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The item will only be available from July 15 through July 20 and will cost Chicagoans $10, which is a steal when you consider your are getting the rush of eating deep dish pizza right alongside the thrill of eating a fully loaded Chicago dog.

For those unable to make it to Wrigley Field during the promotion, you can always get some other top notch stadium food at the Hot Dougs stand in the bleachers, or if if stunt food is more your speed, you acan try the teams delicious and gigantic “Northside Twist” pretzel.