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This kid stole home and it was cool and also stupid

Don’t try this at home, or ever.

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Below, there’s a video of a high school baseball player successfully completing a straight steal of home by sliding through his teammate’s legs.

Although it looks cool and a run scored, this is completely unsafe! Baseball is great, but it’s not great when you’re hurtling at full speed down the third-base line and your right-handed hitting teammate may or may not know you’re coming and swings and follows through and crushes your face with his bat (aluminum or wood or composite, they all hurt).

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The utter surprise of the batter, who mercifully took the pitch, suggests he probably had zero idea that dude was stealing home, and totally could have fouled a ball directly at him or thrown his bat or passed gas into his face as he slid.


Then again, if the batter did know, and someone called for the play, and the point was to have the batter screen the catcher so he couldn’t see what was about to happen? Uh...good job, guys.