Tuesday's P.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Bo Krsmanovic and an unusual Olympic logo scandal in Rio

By Matt Dollinger
July 26, 2016

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New Scandal Rocks Rio Olympics

We'll know who to blame if someone runs the 100-meter dash in two seconds flat.   

Home Alone Co-Star Still Has it 26 Years Later

Meanwhile, Macaulay Culkin is arguably just as terrifying these days. 

Tyronn Lue steps over Allen Iverson... financially

The Cavaliers reportedly rewarded their NBA champion head coach with a five-year, $35 million extension. That's $14 million more than he made during his 11–year playing career. My favorite random Ty Lue story: Doc Rivers diagrammed plays on a napkin and sent them via his phone to Lue during the 2016 playoffs. 

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

​​​I once did a favor for SI Swimsuit and filled in as a video host for a casting call. I know it sounds glorious, but it isn't easy asking a beautiful woman if she prefers cats or dogs. Neither is it working with someone who is roughly 6'10" in heels. Nevertheless, I'm now a lifelong Bo Krsmanovic fan. (Click here for full-size gallery.)

We Are Giving Away Free Stuff

Programming note from Andy Gray: What’s better than the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup? Reliving the Penguins Stanley Cup victory from your living room couch. Cinedigm, the NHL and NHL Original Productions have teamed up to celebrate the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins with their latest film release, Stanley Cup Champions 2016: Pittsburgh Penguins. The film honors the incredible Penguins’ season and includes never-before-seen footage and bonus features to celebrate the Pens’ win. It is available today on Blu-Ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD. As luck would have it, Andy has 10 copies to give away. He’ll send them to the 20th, 40th, 60th, 80th, 100th, 120th, 140th, 160th, 180th and 200th person to email him (andy_gray@simail.com) the name of Eric Spoelstra’s new wife. The answer was in A.M. Clicks. Please make subject line Stanley Cup DVD.

Let's Abolish The Carlton

Look, it had a good run. It extended Alfonso Ribiero's 15 minutes of fame to 26 years—enough is enough. Stephen Curry and Justin Timberlake became the 42,211st and 42,212nd celebrities to do The Carlton with Carlton Banks over the weekend, producing the painful video above. In a completely unrelated story, some spectator slapped Timberlake in the face the next day.

Philadelphia's Hottest Club: The DNC

Celebrities spotted at Monday night's Democratic National Convention (in order of who would make the best president): Jason and Jarron Collins (twin ticket!), Rosario Dawson, Stephen Colbert, All of the Boyz II Men, Sarah Silverman, Eva Longoria, Demi Lovato, Susan Sarandon and Paul "Crooked" Simon

This Story Is 11 Days Old But Definitely Worth Revisiting

Especially if you're not from Boston! Did I mention I'm a Colts fan?

Pret-tay, Pret-tay, Pretay Good

Here's a Sentence: Shaq Is DJ'ing in Belgium

Odds & Ends

Don't fall asleep around Draymond Green ... Kevin Johnson is a terrible person ...  The best movie for every sport ... Here's some augmented reality: Pokemon Go player shot someone trying to rob him ... Another day, another successful NFL investigation ... This billionaire may lose his knighthood ... Russell Westbrook has been radio silent since KD left ... I made a blog about a co-worker named Bill, who is constantly in meetings called Meeting Bill ... This SI writer has a lot of promise; give him a follow.

My Favorite Video on the Internet

This is Stephon Marbury in his Internet prime. I can't implore you enough to watch this video. It's better than Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Mad Men combined. To whet your appetite, here are my six favorite quotes from the off-the-rails interview. 

1. "YEAH! I want to see the spit on your mouth! YEAH!"

2. When asked if he's comfortable being "Steph" these days: "Man, I grew so much. I had so many people that was praying for me and pushing for me. My sister been praying for me since I was born. My sister Stephanie, my namesake. That's what she is to me. My namesake. Stpehanie, Stephon, Stephanie. That's my daughter name. We kept it in the family. She been praying for this day forever. And it finally happened yesterday when I kissed her. And I felt her body and I felt her soul. I was delighted to be kissing her. I couldn't even cry because I knew they were going to be happy tears so I was able to control them. You only really cry when they really bad stuff."

3. Marbury on the addition of Zach Randolph: "“Any time you get a guy who can take a layup, got a guy who can shoot a free throw, can make a college three and make an NBA three at a crucial time in the game, any time they can do that, and bring the ball up and post up and shoot left hand and right hand, you get a great player.”

4. I'm going to average like 10 points, 12-13 dimes, 2-3 assists and about 4-5 rebounds and if we need me to play a different position I may get a little more."

5. “How we want to win a trophy if we want to win the championship?”

6. “I shoot to win, because I shoot to win, and that’s it.”

7. After his phone goes off: "I'm sorry, I didn't... that's my better half. That's my better ho. My better half, my wife. [Looks at phone] Ooo! I like that."

The Ugliest Uniforms in Sports History

Whoever put the awesome "Jurassic Park" Raptors jerseys in this gallery should be fired from SI. I'll handle it. 

David Kahn Used to be a Record Executive?

Are You Not Entertained?


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