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Brandon Marshall is willing to bet his Porsche he outplays Antonio Brown

Jets’ Brandon Marshall would like to bet his Jets-colored Porsche against Antonio Brown’s black and yellow Rolls Royce this season.

Brandon Marshall may be 32, but he is still confident he can put up the numbers of an elite NFL receiver. To prove it, he is placing his Porsche’s title where his mouth is.

The Jets receiver posted a challenge on his Instagram, offering to bet his sports car against Antonio Brown’s Rolls Royce in a race to see which wideout will end the 2016 season with more receiving yards.

​Brown has not responded to the challenge yet but he did show off a new Steelers-themed paint job for his Rolls Royce Wraith to counter Marshall’s green and white Porsche.


​The Steelers wideout finished last season with 1,834 yards while Marshall finished with 1,502 yards.

In fact, Marshall’s output has not surpassed Brown’s in any of the last three seasons, so maybe he is just trying to get rid of his Porsche to make room for a new car, or he has big things planned now that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is back in the fold in New York, with a one-year, $12 million deal.