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Watch: Canadian man beats beer mile record by 8 seconds

Canadian Corey Bellemore has posted an unofficial beer mile time of 4:39, which would be a new world record.

The beer mile has become one of the most hotly contested events in track over the last couple of years, with (“the official Beer Mile resource”) showing that three of the top 10 times have come just this year.

A new unofficial time has been posted by runner Corey Bellemore of Ontario that blows the previous record of 4:47 by Lewis Kent out of the water.

Bellemore’s 4:39 has yet to be verified, but if everything is on the up-and-up, he could have his name next to other Canadian beer mile legends like Kent and Corey Gallagher.

As someone who has watched many beer mile videos as part of his job, I am a bit of an expert on the subject, and i would just like to say that Bellemore’s chugging in this video is simply without peer. The ease with which this man crushes these beers, despite being out of breath, is a feat that everyone should see.