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Harlem Globetrotter hits trick shot while swinging 110 feet in the air

Harlem Globetrotter Bull Bullard sank a shot while swinging above a New Jersey beach. 

The Harlem Globetrotters are known for their outlandish stunts, but this one goes above and beyond. Especially above. 

Globetrotter Bull Bullard strapped himself into an enormous swing high above the Wildwood, N.J., boardwalk and set his sights on a hoop way down on the beach. 

The swing (called “Skycoaster”) is 110 feet tall and sends riders plummeting back to earth at up to 60 mph. Still, Bullard was able to nail the shot. 

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This is just another addition to Bullard’s impressive athletic résumé. He successfully completed the American Ninja Warrior course in 2012 and also had a brief tryout with the Jets, despite having never played football.