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Ryan Fitzpatrick can’t go the barber because of a newspaper article

Ryan Fitzpatrick says he hasn’t been to the barber since the New York Post ran a story about it. 

When Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets ended their weird, futile standoff this week, he showed up to camp looking very much like a man who’d spent the last few months unemployed. 

We’re used to seeing Fitzpatrick with a bushy beard, but it was even more robust than usual, and his hair was awfully shaggy. The reason? He had to stay away from his barbershop after a story in the New York Post.

“Somebody wrote an article about my barbershop a couple of months ago, so I couldn’t go back to the barbershop, you know,” Fitzpatrick told reporters Thursday. “I’ve been trying to avoid the media and stay in my cave.”

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The story was a column in the Post early last month where Steve Serby went to a few of Fitzpatrick’s favorite spots in Chatham, N.J., on the off chance he might spot the yet-unsigned quarterback. 

Serby also went to a pizza shop next to the barber, but it’s unclear whether that precluded Fitzpatrick from enjoying a slice over the past six weeks.