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NHL 17 players can celebrate goals with Jose Bautista’s bat flip

You can now taunt your NHL 17 opponents using Jose Bautista’s beautiful postseason bat flip.

Jose Bautista’s playoffs bat flip immediately became an iconic celebration thanks to the high stakes of the moment, and because it looked really cool. Now the awesomeness of the move has turned into a multi-sport affair.

NHL 17, the latest edition in EA sports long running hockey video game, is not on shelves yet, but a recent Beta testing showed that players will be able to include the Blue Jays slugger’s toss as one of the signature celebrations in the game.

The bat flip has already inspired a host of T-shirts, GIFs and even a few tattoos, but appearing in a hockey video game is pretty much the highest honor for a Canada-based athlete.

Those of you looking to unleash the taunting celebration on the digital ice will have to wait until Sept. 13, when NHL 17 hits the shelves in North America.