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Kirk Cousins’s trusty conversion van finally failed him

Kirk Cousins had to take his backup car to training camp after his beloved conversion van’s battery died.

One of the most sought after traits in quarterbacks, right along with arm strength or footwork, is humility for some reason, and NFL QBs try to put it on display by having outdated phones, giving ridiculous answers to questions and the like. Or in the case of Kirk Cousins, driving your grandparents conversion van.

Cousins’s rolling fortress ran into some trouble on the first day of Redskins training camp though, as the van’s battery had died, forcing the signal caller to get in his pickup truck to get to practice on time, according to the team’s website. The starter is hopeful it will be back in running condition by the end of camp.

 “The van will be waiting for me when I get back. Hopefully my wife will be able to replace the battery while I’m gone.”

The conversion van is also the vehicle of choice for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who showed up to training camp last season in the traditionally unhip ride.

Receivers seem to prefer something a little cooler though, as seen earlier this week when Brandon Marshall tried to bet his Porsche against Antonio Brown’s Rolls Royce.