Jordan Rodgers is the winner of The Bachelorette

Aaron Rodgers’s brother was the last man standing on The Bachelorette. 
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After weeks of drama, former British Columbia Lions practice squad quarterback Jordan Rodgers came out on top as the winner of this season of The Bachelorette. 

Rodgers, probably better known as Aaron Rodgers’s brother, prevailed over a guy named Robby and won the right to ask JoJo Fletcher to marry him. She said yes, because the whole thing was on TV and it would have been really weird if she said no after all those episodes. 

I was under the impression that these people usually break up after like two or three weeks, but a cursory look at Wikipedia tells me some Bachelorette couples actually stay together. So good luck to JoJo and Jordan.

The show revealed that Aaron and Jordan don’t speak too much anymore, but Aaron said he wished his brother luck.