You should really watch this Russian hockey player’s trick shot

A KHL player has unveiled the greatest shootout trick you will ever see.
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KHL team Ak Bars Kazan had a fan event last weekend to thank its supporters with a fun night on the ice, and among the events was a trick shootout competition, which resulted in probably the most ingenious trick shot in the history of hockey.

Vladimir Tkachyov should go down in history along with great sports innovators like Abner Doubleday, James Naismith and Oskar Slapschot (inventor of the slap shot).

You can search the internet far and wide and you will not be able to find a trick shot more clever or impressive than this one.

Hopefully Tkachyov is not so bold as to attempt this in a game, as he will likely be checked into oblivion, in addition to the move being illegal.

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