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DeAngelo Williams got 700 balloons loaded into his spring training room on Thursday for a fake birthday celebration.

By Brendan Maloy
August 05, 2016

DeAngelo Williams was the subject of a very festive prank by the Steelers on Thursday when the running back’s teammates filled his training camp quarters up with a whopping 700 balloons.

Williams was also serenaded with “Happy Birthday” as he discovered the colorful decorations in his room, despite his having turned thirty-three all the way back in April.


The NFL veteran took the joke with a smile while talking with ESPN, but admitted the birthday portion of the joke stung the most saying “What’s the worst is somebody comes up and has no idea and is like, ‘Hey man, happy birthday,’ and I’m like, ‘It’s not my birthday,’ and they are like, ‘Well, why did somebody say happy birthday to you?”

Luckily for Pittsburgh players, “Happy Birthday” was recently ruled to be in the public domain saving them having to pay royalties to the Hill sisters, Patty and Mildred, who penned the song back in 1893.

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