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Ichiro has a long-running, inside joke that involves his Marlins teammate Justin Bour. 

By Rohan Nadkarni
August 08, 2016

Ichiro Suzuki, a bilingual man and MLB’s undisputed hit king, is easily the best character in baseball.

Between his considerable charitable donations, under-the-radar home run power, and sly, NSFW sense of humor, Ichiro is the kind of person who could one day reveal his entire career was performance art and he's actually a method actor from Takamatsu and you wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

The latest target of Ichiro’s jokes is Marlins first baseman Justin Bour, whom he first called out as “heavy” when explaining his chase for 3,000 hits.

Monday, Ichiro brought up Bour again, claiming the first baseman was the biggest celebrity to congratulate him on reaching the 3,000-hit milestone.

What exactly is the meaning of this apparently long-running inside joke? Like most things about Ichiro, it’s probably better we don’t know the whole story. 

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