Broncos star Von Miller owns 60 chickens

Denver Broncos star Von Miller explained why he owns 50 chickens to Sports Illustrated.
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Denver Broncos star and Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller is something of an eccentric. 

Between his bold outfits and various sack dances, there is a lot to Miller we may never fully understand. In a new profile in next week's Sports Illustrated, Miller gives us a wide look into his personal life, and the anecdotes are as thought-provoking as you would expect.

For example: Miller owns 60 chickens. And it sounds like the fates of those 60 chickens are already sealed.

“I own about 60 [chickens]. Those are my guys. I figured nobody’s going to stop eating chicken anytime soon. I went to this farm in L.A. where they feed them exotic grass. I put love into my birds. I can see the logo for my company: me holding the chickens, big smile. The slogan, ‘Happy birds!’”

At least Miller is already planning for retirement.