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Watch: Elvis Andrus has lots of fun bothering Adrian Beltre

Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre had a big night of home runs and slapstick comedy on Monday.

Elvis Andrus’s playfully antagonistic relationship with Adrian Beltre has been the source of much joy over the years, like the time Beltre stared a hole in his younger teammate’s back for failing to run the bases hard enough, or all the times the shortstop made swipes at Beltre’s head.

Monday night may have been the culmination of all their teasing though, with a pair of wonderful incidents surrounding the Rangers’ win over the Athletics, beginning with an on-field dispute over a fly ball that had Andrus grinning from ear-to-ear as Beltre fumed.

Beltre came up to the plate in the half inning after the near collision and took his anger out on the ball, crushing a grand slam that gave Texas a 5–2 lead that would hold for the rest of the game. To celebrate his heroics, Andrus and Rougned Odor tried to give the veteran a victory bath, but Beltre quickly armed himself with a broom from the grounds crew to fight them off.

Andrus drove in the team’s only other run for the night, so the MLB’s favorite slapstick duo were as productive as they were hilarious on Monday night.

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The win added to the Rangers’ five-and-a-half game lead over the Mariners in the AL West and gave the club its 70th win of the season.