The Cubs’ bullpen has no fear.

By Extra Mustard
August 18, 2016

The Cubs’ bullpen has no fear.

As a group of relievers sat off to the side in foul territory at Wrigley Field during the first inning of Wednesday’s win over the Brewers, infielder Jonathan Villar ripped a foul ball down the line in left. The pitchers saw the ball, but decided not to move.

Even when the ball hit the inside of Travis Wood’s leg, he didn’t move. It made absolutely no sense. Not even a flinch.

What is particularly interesting about this is the fact that Wood, and the other relievers that were in danger of being struck, held their hands out in front of their groin. Sure, this would protect the family jewels, but it could potentially sideline you for weeks!

Either Wood has a groin of steel, or he has special powers and moved the ball out of harm’s way by looking at it. Any way you slice it, this was really weird. And weird is why you watch baseball.

– Kenny Ducey 

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