Ashton Eaton’s victory earned Portland’s newborns free Nikes

Ashton Eaton’s Olympic heroics earned the babies of one Portland hospital some free Nike shoes.
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Ashton Eaton’s victory in the Olympic decathlon gave him a second gold medal and let him keep the title of “World’s Greatest Athlete,” and he also earned a nice perk for the newborns of Portland with his record-tying performance as well.

The Olympic sponsor dropped off a pair of Waffle 1 shoes for every child born at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center on Thursday in a custom My First Nike box, according to Portland’s KGW.

Eaton was born in Portland native, and was raised in Oregon. Nike recently featured him and several other Olympians as newborns getting a pep talk about seizing their athletic destiny.

The Waffle 1 is a shoe inspired by one of Nike’s first products, a running shoe with a sole made on a waffle iron.