Should you film Kobe Bryant eating in a restaurant?

An ethical dilemma, explained.
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Here’s a video of Kobe Bryant eating with his family in a restaurant somewhere, probably in California.

In the video, Kobe catches the cameraperson filming him and stares angrily into the lens (probably a phone camera but let’s cover all our bases).

It’s 19 seconds long and nothing else happens in it. If you find this newsworthy then watch the video below.

Really, I’m here to discuss the ethical dilemma I faced in writing this post. Is Kobe’s stare intense and noteworthy? Sure. But is it cool to film people eating with their kids in public for any reason? No. So as explicitly as possible, don’t film celebrities in restaurants, or anyone for that matter, because I would be just as mad as Kobe if a random dude whipped out his Samsung Galaxy and tried to act all sly.

Even posting this video was ethically questionable because in doing so we are giving this YouTube video views. So don’t watch the video. Just click our post.


Jeremy Woo