Rams’ William Hayes finally got to meet a mermaid

William Hayes met a mermaid at Rams training camp.
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William Hayes has earned some odd headlines the last few seasons, first for his steadfast refusal to believe that dinosaurs existed, and more recently for his excitement regarding the Rams move to Los Angeles, where he would be closer to mermaids.

Yes, that is right. Hayes thinks dinosaurs are fake, but that mermaids are very real, and he may have been proven right by a recent visitor to the team’s training camp who has spent some time under the sea herself.

If you would like to hear the 31-year-old’s profanity-filled explanation of why he believes in the cryptozoological beings you can check out this Instagram from his former teammate Joel Long.

While you may question Hayes’s belief that there are mermaids in the ocean, there are definitely mermaids at nearby Disneyland, and that appears to be enough for the defensive end.