Wednesday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Carmen Bruendler; Morphing cars

Wednesday’s P.M. Hot Clicks feature Carmen Bruendler as Lovely Lady and gifs of morphing cars.
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Look at These Cars Morph


Pretty cool, right? For more images on how some popular cars have changed over the years, click here. Thanks to our friends over at Gearheads for the gifs.

How Chance the Rapper's Life Became Perfect

GQ has a profile of the artist who—for my money—gave us the best album of the year.

Usain Bolt Used a Translator for Sexting

And more allegations from a vintage story in The Sun.

Carmen Bruendler: P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

Today’s Lovely Lady is Carmen Bruendler, who recently stopped by SI for a swimsuit casting call. (Click here for the full-size gallery.)

See You Later, Kids

An Earth-like planet has been found circulating our nearest star. Could we finally have aliens? How long before Google takes over the new planet? Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to leaving this world behind, literally. In other news, here’s a ranking of 21 alien invasion movies.

This Family Drama is Tearing Me Apart

Jason Statham is the latest to comment on the Vin Diesel-Dwayne Johnson beef, saying he'd prefer to stay out of it. Why can’t Diesel and The Rock just get along? How would we ever be able to choose sides? I have ridiculously high hopes for Fast 8, and this drama from the set is making me nervous.


Still Makes Me Laugh

Riding Dirty

Odds & Ends

Why your favorite team won’t make the College Football Playoff ... Five questions with AJ Styles in the Week in Wrestling ... The Final Fiveplayed Hungry Hungry Humans withJimmy Fallon ... The moment John Krasinski knew he wasn’t getting the Captain America role ... This New York Times reporter really needs to chill out ... Check out these affordable watches ... Here are the people who are returning to Saturday Night Live next season ... This might be the best Harambe joke ... Nothing is sacred: Hollywood is making another sequel to The Ring ... The Olympics caused a luggage disaster for Great Britain ... For my car people, this video is thrilling.

Why Heath Ledger’s Joker is the Ultimate Villain

Not Sure if This is Scary or Exciting

This is Beautiful

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