Carlos Beltran inexplicably has hair painted on his skull like Carlos Boozer

What the heck happened to Carlos Beltran’s head?
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Sometimes, athletes make curious choices when it comes to their hair. We’ve seen strange ‘dos, blond dye, and players reluctant to admit they’re balding, like LeBron James.

Well, Carlos Beltran just blew away the competition. He showed up to work on Saturday with painted-on hair, just like basketball player Carlos Boozer did during his playing days. The only difference was Boozer actually had some hair left up there.

Beltran, if you’re unaware, decided to shave his head years ago because there’s not much left up there on his head. Inexplicably, he decided he was going to ask his barber to paint his head.

Gah! My man just smeared engine sludge all over his skull.

Well, I guess when you hit like Carlos Beltran you can get away with it. Can’t wait until he’s grilled by reporters after the game.

– Kenny Ducey