‘Madden 17’ is glitching and giving out random touchdowns on kicks

Several videos have hit the internet in recent days of odd glitches in Madden 17.
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Every year, folks are complaining about glitches in the new Madden NFL video game. Well, this season features a particularly odd one. Gamers are booting kicks—field goals and kickoffs—and seeing players score upon catching the ball in the end zone.

Several videos have hit the internet in recent days, and I’m not going to lie, they’re freaking hilarious.

Tell me you didn’t laugh when Patterson did the bow and arrow celebration.

There’s also some other strange glitch where the game reveals to a player whether or not their opponent is running or passing. Not sure what the heck is going on but this gamer with headphones is pretty adamant.

Not totally sold on that one, but the touchdown glitch is totally real.

– Kenny Ducey