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Look, Kevin Durant has a tattoo of Rick James on his thigh, no big deal.

By Extra Mustard
September 03, 2016

Yes, you read that headline, you saw that photo, this appears to be true: Kevin Durant now has a tattoo of Rick James on his left thigh, joining the tattoo of Tupac he recently got on his left calf.

Basketball Kevin’s summer of major life decisions continues, and there is no turning back.

KD already has a gigantic tattoo on his back, so that real estate has been claimed, but there are definitely other parts of his body up for grabs by any and all dead rock stars. Hearing there will be a séance at Oracle Arena at midnight on Hallow’s Eve in which Prince, Biggie and David Bowie commune for his right bicep. Sources say.

Is this some form of passive communication with Russell Westbrook? Did Draymond Green dare him to do it? Is Kevin Durant preparing for life as a villain? Is Amy Winehouse campaigning for his pinky toe?

Find out next time on Black Mirror.

Jeremy Woo

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