Why did umpire Bill Miller give this kid a baseball and then rip it from his glove?

Bill Miller appeared to heartlessly take a ball out of a kid's glove after putting it there.
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What umpire Bill Miller did on Thursday night is one of the worst things I’ve seen an umpire do in years, which is really saying something.

Miller, the same dude who threw a baseball in the direction of Bryce Harper last season after ejecting him, and made two egregiously bad strike calls in 2012 before ejecting Brett Lawrie, did something cruel to a small Red Sox fan.

In a video coming our way from Barstool Sports, you can see Miller leave the field at Petco Park with a baseball in hand, and place it in the glove of a Sox fan. Then, he appears to inexplicably rip it out, and flip it to a Padres fan. What the hell is this?

This is 1000% worse than Joey Votto or Bryce Harper pretending to throw a baseball into the stands, and keeping it. While we’re not sure if Miller had made some sort of verbal pact to give the second kid a baseball, it doesn’t look good. Why did he do this? If you commit to one kid, you can’t all of the sudden de-commit.