Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks: Talisa Loup; Ranking Cam Newton's Ugly Hats

Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Talisa Loup and a ranking of Cam Newton's ugly hats
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Cam Newton's Most Ridiculous Hats, Ranked


There is a lot of NFL to cover but let's start with Cam Newton and his ever-expanding collection of strange postgame hats. We ranked them and the purple Pharrell hat (bottom right in the photo above) didn't do so well.

NFL Round-Up

Peter King's MMQB is chock full of news and notes ... Carson Palmer dressed up for pregame as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ...Josh Norman is not a fan of postgame drug tests ... "Donald Trump" made an appearance at the Browns tailgate ... Pats fans had a minor meltdown after Jimmy Garoppolo's injury ... The Lions lost to the Titans in the most Lions way possible ... The Rams returned to L.A., the stars came out and a melee erupted in the stands ... DeAngelo Williams likes the world's least popular band ... John Wall turned his back on D.C. with his choice of jersey ... Love the Panthers' new celebration dance ... NFL Power Rankings with two weeks in the books.

Worst People of the Weekend

Congrats are in order to these two idiots from Penn State.

Talisa Loup: Lovely Lady of the Day

Belgium native TalisaLoup is one of the first LLODs I featured when I took over Hot Clicks a few years ago. For some reason, I haven't featured her since but that all changes today (click for full-size gallery).  

Scenes From Bill Murray's Bartending Adventure in Brooklyn

Bill Murray's son Homer opened a restaurant in Brooklyn and invited his dad to help pour drinks. A good time was had by all.

Photoshop Battle of the Weekend 

This mom was just trying to get out of the picture and somehow became a Reddit star.

Tennessee Pays Tribute to Pat Summitt

Life of a MLB Rookie 

R.I.P. Bills


Odds & Ends

Kristaps Porzingis looked sharp working out against a bunch of kids half his size ... Victor Oladipo won a talent contest by singing R. Kelly ... Texas high schools spend an absurd amount on football stadiums ... This is the best 70-and-over Japanese cheerleading team you'll see all day ... How children's bedrooms look around the world ... Thirty-three questions that were asked at Apple job interviews ... I'd freak out if this happened to me ... QUIZ: Do you eat like a Republican or Democrat?

Now This is a Video Bomb

Fake Brady is ... Wes Welker?

Help Jimmy Kimmel Get to the Emmy Awards

Monday Night Football Pick 'Em 

In this week’s Monday Night Football Beer Pick ‘Em, we decide who will win the primetime matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears by drinking Saisons, IPAs, and Double IPAs from each team’s city.

Who Sang it Best: Angel From Montgomery


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