Wu Huang/Imageinechina

This guy was being enveloped by a tidal wave, but it’s no big deal.

By Dan Gartland
September 20, 2016

Once a year, a tidal wave rushes down the Qiantang River in southern China. It can grow as high as 30 feet and move at up to 25 mph.

The Atlantic has a photo gallery of people foolishly underestimating the tidal bore’s might. Just looking at the photos made my palms sweaty, but this guy stared the wave right in the face and decided it was no big deal. 

Wu Huang/Imageinechina
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Chaos surrounds him. A wall of dirty water is crashing down on him. People make a mad dash to safety.

And yet, Scooter Guy just looks dead ahead, gripping the handlebars. This is what courage in the face of peril looks like. 

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