If you’re still debating which team to pick to win the game, why not let craft beer decide?

By Extra Mustard
September 26, 2016

Week 3 in the NFL brings us an NFC South matchup for Monday Night Football.

What happens when you put two high-powered offenses up against two of the league’s worst defenses? We’ll find out Monday night. But if you’re still debating which team to pick to win the game, why not let craft beer decide?

In this week’s Monday Night Football Beer Pick ‘Em, Tiff Oshinsky drank craft beer from Atlanta (Three Taverns Brewery and Orpheus Brewing) and New Orleans (Second Line Brewery, Courtyard Brewery, Urban South Brewery) to choose a winner.

Watch the video to find out who will win the game, based solely on beer.

Until then—and for future tasting adventures, below are the different, delicious beers that were drunk in the video above.  And don’t forget to drink local!

Round 1: Lagers

Three Taverns Brewery’s Prince of Pilsen Pilsner (5% ABV) – Prince of Pilsen tributes the most popular beer style in the world.  Originally brewed in the bohemian City of Pilsen in 1842, the new sensation was widely imitated and now makes up 90% of beer consumed around the globe.  This Euro-style version is refreshingly crisp and dry hopped with Falconer’s Flight 7Cs for a distinct citrus aroma bite.

Urban South Brewery’s Delta Momma Citra Lager (5.5% ABV) – A crisp Vienna-style beer that throws tradition aside.  Delicate and semi-sweet with Citra Hops, this beer is sure to turn those little teardrops to a smile.

Round 2: IPAs

Orpheus Brewing’s Rites IPA (6.7% ABV) – This beer is brewed with experimental hops and “is breaking the monotony and taking control of your life” according to Orpheus chief financial officer Andy Lorber.  The beer is fairly tropical in nature and has juicy notes of orange and lemongrass.

Second Line Brewing’s Route 47 Red IPA (7% ABV) – Generous amount of dark specialty malts play opposite an abundance of Cascade, Citra and Chinook hops resulting in an IPA with a rich red hue, floral nose and a mouthful of hoppy love.

Round 3: Stouts

Three Taverns’ Departed Spirit Stout (10% ABV) – Eight-year-old bourbon barrels made the perfect environment for aging Theophan The Recluse, our Belgian-style Imperial Stout.  The barrel’s departed spirit left an enduring mark, infusing our stout with traces of bourbon, notes of vanilla and the rich character of wood.

Courtyard Brewing’s I Know Because You Know Stout (11% ABV) – A big, intensely flavored dark ale that ends with a warming, bittersweet finish.

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