Are Cubs fans upset over our cover? An investigation

They can’t possibly be mad, right?
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This week’s edition of Sports Illustratedfeatures an awesome throwback cover, updating Sporting Life’s Oct. 24, 1908 Cubs cover with this year’s stars. Right on top, the words “Cubs Win 2016 World’s Series” appear, reflecting Tom Verducci’s pick inside the issue. Chicago won 103 games this season, the most in the majors, and is unquestionably the most dangerous team in the postseason. Seems like a safe, sensible pick.

Now, life-long supporters of the team are certainly not accustomed to their favorite ballclub falling victim to hexes, so we figured we would check in with them during this time. Are they worried in the slightest about our pick? Let’s take a look.


It appears some folks are upset.

And, we’ve alienated the entire country.


Ahh, excuse me, Mr. Rapper, Mr. Rapper...It’s a family oriented show...At least we haven’t done this bef—

That’s just a small sampling of Cubs fans, though, right? Can’t be all of them.


Go Cubs.