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Francesa dropped some truth on Monday.

By Extra Mustard
October 17, 2016

In what was possibly his best take of the year, New York sports talk show host Mike Francesa ripped Giants wideout Odell Beckham Jr. for being “me-centric” and carrying on a strange storyline involving a kicking net.

Francesa made the claim that Beckham’s post-score antics show he’s a selfish player, and that anyone finding this behavior comical is simply looking to endear themselves to him.

“What was funny about that?” Francesa asked. “What made that so hilarious? It wasn’t funny the first time he did it. The second time he did it he did it in a losing game.

“I think it’s the most selfish, dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Is this [WWE] we’re running here or the NFL?”

After destroying the team’s kicking net in the midst of a sideline meltdown a couple weeks ago, Beckham apologized to it last week.

That should have been all, but then he strangely laid the net over himself following a score this week, and then proposed to it after he scored what was eventually the game-winning touchdown. The act is getting stale, and borderline creepy, and Francesa is right on with what he’s saying.

– Kenny Ducey

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