ALCS bleeder Curt Schilling has some thoughts on Trevor Bauer’s finger

Maybe Curt Schilling is just jealous he’s not the only pitcher to bleed during the ALCS. 
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The natural reaction to seeing Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer bleeding profusely on the mound is to seek the wisdom of meme connoisseur/future head of state Curt Schilling. I mean, rarely do you want to hear what Schilling has to say about anything, but he’s the only other guy who’s pitched in the ALCS with an open wound. 

So what’s Curt’s take on Bauer’s drone repair injury forcing him from the game?


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Bauer’s explanation of the accident makes it sound like he just has terrible luck, but don’t tell Curt that. 

Next time he should just shield himself in bubblewrap to avoid a one-of-a-kind freak accident instead of selfishly living a normal life.