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Quiz: Who should you root for in the World Series?

Don’t know whether to root for the Cubs or Indians? This will decide for you. 

It seems like everyone (outside of Cleveland) is rooting for the Cubs to break their 108-year championship drought, but surely some of you are still undecided. 

There are plenty of reasons to root for the Indians, too. They’ve gone since 1948 without winning a title and are a baseball nerd’s dream with their unconventional bullpen usage. 

If you’re still not sure who you should be pulling for when the Series gets started on Tuesday, take the quiz below. 

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If you got the Cubs, be sure to check out’s Cubs hub. If you got the Indians, sorry, we don’t have a page dedicated to you. 

Games 1 and 2 are in Cleveland on Tuesday and Wednesday before the series moves to Cleveland on Friday.