Bartman, LeBron James and Bill Murray prop bets for the World Series

Steve Bartman, Bill Murray and other possible prop bets for the World Series.
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The World Series is upon us and sportsbooks have opened with some Las Vegas odds makers putting the Chicago Cubs at about 2:1 favorites to win the series.

While betting on the outcome of the game is one option, has put together odds for other prop bets in the series.

Here are some of the prop bets:

Odds Steve Bartman throws out the first pitch at Wrigley during the World Series: 15/1

Odds LeBron James throws out a first pitch in Cleveland: 4/1

Odds Bill Murray throws out a first pitch: 2/5

Odds Bill Murray sings a national anthem: 100/1

Odds Bill Murray is ever elected as mayor of Chicago: 250/1

Odds Bill Murray is elected president: 999/1

Odds Bill Murray gets into the National Baseball Hall of Fame: 1,000/1

Over/Under number of times Bill Murray is on camera during the World Series: 14

Over/Under number of World Series games Bill Murray attends: 3.5

Odds Alice Cooper sings the national anthem during the World Series: 30/1

Odds national anthem singer suffers a “wardrobe malfunction”: 100/1

Odds a national anthem singer forgets the words: 20/1

Odds it snows during a game 12/1

Odds the midges affect play in Cleveland: 8/1