Watch: Cricket player loses his prosthetic leg, makes the play anyway

What an incredible effort by Liam Thomas. 
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English cricket player Liam Thomas went the extra mile during a game in Dubai this week. 

Thomas, competing with a team of physically disabled Englishmen against Pakistan, made a heads-up play when he dove to prevent a ball from rolling over the boundry line for four runs, but his prosthetic right leg popped off in the process. 

Undetterred, Thomas popped up, tracked the ball down and fired it back in. 

“It just happened, really. I was sprinting for the ball, put my hand out, hit the deck hard and the next thing I know I stood up and had no leg,” Thomas said according to CNN. “I didn't know whether to grab the leg or get the ball in. I decided to go for the ball.”

Thomas said he thinks the hot conditions in Dubai caused the leg’s socket to expand and loosen.