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Magic Johnson’s list of early MVP candidates is so long that even you may be on it

Magic gave us more tweets on Monday.
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Beloved Twitter person Magic Johnson continued to deliver his unsolicited takes on Monday, feeding his followers a list of players that he thinks have a shot at winning MVP. Now, keep in mind this is the “early MVP conversation,” so some players will probably join it. So, what, we’re probably looking at five or six players, right? LeBron, Russ, KD, Steph, and Kawhi? Maybe Damian Lillard?

How about sixteen? Do you have sixteen players on your MVP watch list? Only one person wins this award, mind you.

This is so unnecessarily long. Did I hear a Hassan Whiteside in there? I love the dude, but is he seriously an MVP candidate?

Magic’s got to be parodying himself now, right?

Yeah, he’s totally self-aware. Has to be.