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Alabama’s win over LSU is the latest evidence Hillary Clinton will win the election

Oddly, the LSU-Alabama game has a history of predicting presidential elections. 

You can add the LSU-Alabama game to the list of sporting events that has a knack for predicting presidential elections. 

The most famous example is the so-called “Redskins Rule,” which says that the incumbent party wins the election when the Skins win their last home game before the polls close and the challenging party wins when Washington loses.

World Series that go seven games also follow a similar trend, with Republicans taking the White House in years when the AL wins Game 7 and Democrats winning when the NL is victorious. 

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Image placeholder title has found a third indicator—the Alabama-LSU game. In every election since 1984, the Republican has won when LSU wins and the Democratic nominee has won in years that Alabama wins. Bama won Saturday’s matchup, in a game that was a million times less exciting than this election cycle. 

This year, all three cases indicate a Hillary Clinton win—that’s 100% percent of the data. Take that, FiveThirtyEight.