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Hillary Clinton is going to win the election because the Redskins beat the Eagles

Finally, an indication of how this election is going to go. 

The question on every American’s mind is how the presidential election will play out, and Week 6 of the NFL season finally gave us the answer. 

Just before the 2000 election, Elias Sports Bureau statistician Steve Hirdt noticed a peculiar trend in election results. When the Redskins win their last home game before the election, the incumbent party wins the presidency. When they lose, the incumbent party loses. It became known as the Redskins Rule

So, the Eagles lost to Washington on Sunday. The Skins are in Detroit next week, in London the week after that and then on a bye. That means Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are going to keep the White House. Wow. 

Donald Trump, your thoughts? 

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The good news for Trump is the rule has only held true 17 out of 19 times. The bad news is he’s behind in the polls

[h.t DCist]