Who saw this coming?

By Kenny Ducey
November 11, 2016

Shia LaBeouf is trending on Twitter today, and it’s not because he died, or because he’s been arrested, or because he’s watching his own movies. Nah. Shia LeBeouf just spit a surprisingly good freestyle on Sway In The Morning today.

Sway challenged Shia to the five fingers of death freestyle challenge, and our man rose to the occasion. He absolutely killed this freestyle. Sure, the start was incredibly shaky, but after he got past the first beat he got on an absolute roll. I absolutely lost it when he said he was trying to “insure this legacy...Geico.”

Was he just repeating what someone in his ear was telling him? This dude can actually rap.

Note: The freestyle starts about 1:45 in, and contains explicit language.

Good kid, slow roll like a hurt bowler. BARS. Give us more, Shia. Give us a mixtape. Hell, give us two.

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