A-Rod totally didn’t see this dude outside Home Depot today

A-Rod officially became a member of Twitter on Sunday with his first lifted tweet.
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Alex Rodriguez, the proud owner of one of the best Twitter accounts in the game, made his followers laugh once again on Sunday with a bizarre photo of a man trying to fit a giant piece of lumber into his car. 

“Saw this outside Home Depot today,” he wrote, adding the hashtag “#305.” Hilarious!


There was just one issue, though. He didn’t take the photo! Some dude who goes by “Mark Magark” on Twitter did, as some quickly pointed out to Rod.

The slugger then clarified later that he saw the picture taken at a Home Depot.

Give A-Rod a lot of credit here—memes and viral photos like this are stolen hundreds of times every day by parody accounts, and they’re lifted word for word. Rod added his own flavor to this one, and was even willing to revise his caption.

This means he’s officially a member of Twitter, and probably in the running for a position in the White House should Metta World Peace become president.

– Kenny Ducey