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We've all made purchases we've later lamented.

By Extra Mustard
November 17, 2016

We've all made purchases we've later lamented. That ugly sweater you've never worn, but was 95% off. That uber-specific kitchen appliance collecting dust in the far crevices of your cabinets. Your YOLO hat.

Luckily, those purchases are usually minimally damaging to your bank account. Skip your Starbucks or late-night pizza for a week and you're good to go. 

Unfortunately for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, his most regrettable shopping decision set him back $10,000.

Flacco discussed the most foolish thing he's ever bought on this week's episode of the Ravens podcast The Lounge, revealing that an infomercial coaxed him into buying multiple at-home massage chairs.  

"The dumbest thing I bought were ... how many did I buy? ... I bought a handful of massage chairs a few years back," Flacco said. "Like, the big Brookstone ones that put you all the way back."

Extra Mustard
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Flacco saw the commercial while playing cards with teammate Dennis Pitta, who Flacco should not consider hiring as a financial adviser.

"I was like, 'What do you guys think? Should I get some of these?'" Flacco said. "Of course Pitta, he's the ultimate peer pressure-er, the person who wants you to do dumb things. So he started getting in my ear about doing it. I might have gotten five of them, a couple thousand dollars each."

Flacco didn't take his 6-foot-6 frame into account before pulling the trigger, and found that his massage experience wasn't all that comfy.

“Used them one time, then they just sat in my basement,” Flacco said. “As big as they are, I still didn’t really fit in it.”

Say no to peer pressure, people.

– Erin Flynn

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