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People in Illinois are torn over the outcome of a high school football game

People in the suburbs of Chicago are outraged over the outcome of a high school football game.

An Illinois high school football game has extended from the gridiron to the court room with a controversial outcome of a game possibly robbing one school of a state championship appearance.

Last Saturday Plainfield North High School and Fenwick faced off in a semifinal playoff game. Fenwick appeared to have the game locked up with a 10–7 lead as time was about to expire. With time expiring, Fenwick’s quarterback attempted a throw that officials called intentional grounding before handing the ball over to Plainfield North for one last play. They successfully made a game-tying field goal and then beat Fenwick in overtime.

The result was appealed by Fenwick to the Illinois High School Association, who admitted that the officials made an error but could not change the outcome of the game. Next came a hearing with a Cook County Circuit Court judge, who rejected the bid to overturn the loss.

Plainfield North will face East St. Louis on Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Champaign for the Class 7A Championship.

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Illinois Twitter has been buzzing over the decision:

Let's see what craziness the championship game may bring.