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The tooth Mick Foley lost in his brutal HIAC match flew out of his mouth during Raw

Mick Foley is still feeling the effects of an iconic match against the Undertaker in 1998. 

Mick Foley’s 1998 match (as Mankind) at Hell in a Cell against The Undertaker is one of the most brutal in WWE history, and he’s still feeling the effects 18 years later. 

When The Undertaker choke-slammed Foley through the top of the cage, a chair landed on his face and knocked a tooth loose. Somehow the tooth ended up lodged in Foley’s nose. 

After some dental work, Foley has a full set of chompers but he’s going to have to go back to the dentist after last night’s Raw. During a segment with Sami Zayn, the infamous tooth came flying right out of Foley’s face. 

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The bump that knocked the tooth loose wasn’t the only fall from the top of the cell Foley took during the match. Earlier, he plummeted from the top of the cage through the Spanish announcer’s table. 

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“We did not rehearse anything, nor did I ever climb to the top of the cell prior to going up there the first time during the match,” Foley told Jim Ross in 2014. “Once I got up there, people looked like ants, and even though I rarely use any F-bombs, that word was racing through my mind over and over as I surveyed the crowd.”

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