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The Cavs beat the Knicks so badly they started flipping a water bottle on the bench

LeBron and the Cavs got a little bored during their blowout win over the Knicks. 

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There has been a lot of talk about how this could be the season the Knicks stop being an embarrassment. Well, the Cavaliers are still the champs, so they can disrespect the ’Bockers however they want. 

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The Cavs blew out the Knicks so badly on Wednesday that LeBron and Kyrie needed another way to occupy their minds on the bench in the closing minutes. They settled on every teen’s favorite pastime: flipping a water bottle. 

Kyrie, in addition to leading all scorers with 28 points, was the only one to stick the landing. 

“Oh man, it's just a social media craze,” Irving told reporters after the game. “The water bottle is just like—if you land it, you are just like a legend.”