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Watch all of John Cena’s best moments from hosting Saturday Night Live

WWE superstar John Cena showed off his acting chops as the host of Saturday Night Live. 

Everyone knows how captivating John Cena is inside the WWE ring, but he’s increasingly proving he can be just as entertaining on stage. 

Cena hosted Saturday Night Live this week, becoming the third WWE wrestler to host (Hulk Hogan and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are the others). The 39-year-old looked like a natural playing a bunch of different characters. Check out his best clips below. 

Opening Monologue

If you thought SNL was going to downplay Cena’s wrestling background, you thought wrong. 

“Dating Show”

In this sketch, Cena plays the host of an MTV dating show who’s more appealing to the guest than the contestants. 

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“Science Presentation”

Cena played football at Springfield College in Massachusetts, but hopefully their academic standards were higher than in this skit. 

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“The Karate Teen”

It should come as no surprise that Cena plays a pretty good 80’s movie villain. 

“Where’d Your Money Go?”

Cena is probably the only SNL host with the muscle definition required to play Rob Gronkowski.