What if the Bills sex toy interfered with the play? Mike Pereira explains

What would've happened if the two Bills fans who threw a sex toy onto the field interfered with the play?
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Back in October, a pair of Bills fans—who have since been banned from the stadium for life—threw a sex toy onto the field as the Patriots neared the end zone.

But what if the stunt had actually had a tangible effect on the game? Mike Pereira, the former Vice President of Officiating at the NFL and FOX Sports rules analyst, was asked on the podcast Pardon My Take how officials would have handled an incident in which the sex toy interfered with the play and possibly knocked the ball out of a player's hands.

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“You actually do have a rule like that. It's basically the old 're-do.' If the official feels like something that is not connected with the game has an effect on the play, he can order the play re-played,” Pereira said. “Much like they're talking about in the Raiders-Kansas City – they're saying that long pass may have hit the NBC guide wires of the overhead camera and if it does there's actually a rule that covers that and says you just do it over again.”

Just when Bills Mafia thought they could get one past the rule book...