Columnist rips John Calipari for wearing jeans, he responds by showing up in workout attire

The Kentucky coach got the last laugh.
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Kentucky coach John Calipari got the last laugh after a columnist ripped his postgame attire over the weekend.

After a win over the Tar Heels, Calipari was subtly criticized by North Carolina columnist Adam Lucas for changing into jeans and unbuttoning two of the buttons on his shirt while speaking to the press. So, Calipari rolled in to his press conference on Tuesday wearing workout clothes, with a towel draped over his shoulder. He started off by asking the media if he wanted to change—a legendary start.

“Was that a story? Was that a story, really?” Calipari said. “That I wore — I was getting ready for a nine-hour plane flight, did they expect me to go in a suit? Suit’s $1,500, I’m not going to wrinkle that up.”​

You’re damn right. John freaking Calipari is not going to wrinkle up his expensive suit! Let the man live, you can’t even see his legs anyway. He could have worn a Speedo, it wouldn’t have mattered. 

Don’t pick a fight with Coach Cal. You will lose.

– Kenny Ducey