Wed. A.M. Hot Clicks: Carmen Bruendler; Spurs Mascot Roasts Mariah Carey

Wednesday A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Carmen Bruendler and the Spurs mascot roasting Mariah Carey
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Spurs Mascot Roasts Mariah Carey


It's been four days since Mariah Carey's epic New Year's gaffe and the story is not dying. In an exclusive interview with EW, Carey says she had an "incredible holiday season that turned into a horrible New Year’s Eve." The Atlantic has a think piece on how the disastrous performance fed the Schadenfreude cycle. Spurs mascot The Coyote, meanwhile, tried singing Emotions during an intermission, and his mic mysteriously cut out.

Any Ladies Want to Date a 6-Foot-7, 375-Pound Wrestler?

Good news. Braun Strowman (a.k.a. - Adam) is on Tinder. He's a country boy who likes lifting weights and eating steaks. I predict he is the runner-up to Chris Jericho in this year's Royal Rumble.

Not Sure Who To Root For in the NFL Playoffs?

Victoria's Secret model Josephine Skriver makes a strong case for the Raiders.

Carmen Bruendler: Lovely Lady of the Day

Tim from Dallas asked that I feature Carmen Bruendler as LLOD. That seems like a fair request (click for full-size gallery). 

Hate to Be a Kansas State Fan Today

Kansas beat K-State on the most egregious traveling (non) call you'll see all year,

American Pharoah Has Lots of Sex

After breeding with more than 200 mares in 115 days, American Pharoah has a little Pharoah.

Wendy's vs. Thuggy-D

Not sure why Thuggy-D picked a Twitter fight with Wendy's, but he got beaten soundly.

New Hair Trend?

One Way To Use 500 Tires

Joel Embiid is the Best

Odds & Ends

Eli Manning made a pretty good joke about those shirtless receivers partying in Miami ... Muhammad Ali's estate is causing World War 3 among his family ... J.J. Watt may be injured but he's still doing good things off the field ... Roy Williams got an earful from Clemson coach Brad Brownellafter Tuesday night's game ... Everyone is having fun with New York Rangers superfan Margot Robbie and photoshop ... When celebrities used MySpace ... I would freak out if there were a rat on my escalator.

Fan Converts $95,000 Shot

Lakers Dance Party

Ten Best News Bloopers of 2016

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