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Joel Embiid is running the only good NBA All-Star campaign

Joel Embiid is giving you plenty of reasons to vote him into the All-Star Game. 

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Joel Embiid really wants to be in the All-Star Game, and he’s making a compelling case that he deserves to be. 

All-Star campaigns are nothing new but they’re usually carefully crafted pushes by a team’s market department, and they usually stink. The Hornets’ Kemba Walker push references a show that went off the air 17 years ago: Walker Charlotte Ranger. Embiid, meanwhile, is making a more effective case by just being himself. 

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First, he asked for your vote so he can finally land a date with his famous crush. 


Then he voted for himself. 

And then he voted for himself while claiming to be endorsed by Donald Trump. 

The Process also turned a cold take from 2014 about him being a bust into a vote.

The best part is, all you have to do to vote for Embiid is retweet his tweets. See you in New Orleans, Jo.