Terio is still alive and dancing in the Steelers locker room

Did you think Terio wasn’t around anymore? Because most of us did.
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After Terio hibernated for a year or two, he re-emerged on Saturday afternoon in a video taken inside the Pittsburgh Steelers’ locker room.

Who knows why he was there, or if he likes the Steelers, or if he was sent by the Dolphins to curse the Steelers, but he put on a show to “Juju on That Beat” one day before Pittsburgh and Miami meet in the playoffs. This video simply emerged out of nowhere, and while we’re still trying to figure out where it came from, we love it. 

Antonio Brown posted a Snapchat of Terio in the locker room, so you can be sure this did, in fact, happen today.


We’ll see what kind of impact this has on the team Sunday at 1:05 p.m. ET.

– Kenny Ducey